Kuwait - A nation of firsts

A lot of the challenge of securing British businesses success here in Kuwait, is getting the companies to come in the first place.  Often enticed by the bright lights and big plans of the UAE, or bowled over by the sheer scale of ambition in Qatar, or the size of the Saudi Arabian market - Kuwait is often an afterthought.  The Kuwait British Business Centre encourages you to take a fresh look at Kuwait, who's history shows dynamic and exciting achievements, often leading the Middle East as they went.

  • Kuwait established the World's first sovereign wealth fund, the Kuwait Investment Office in London in 1953, the precursor to the Kuwait Investment Authority, rumoured to have $592 Billion under management worldwide.

  • Kuwait leads the Arab world in foreign investment, with $8.4bn FDI outflows in 2013

  • Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy and has the oldest directly elected Parliament among the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.  Female suffrage was granted in 2005.  Kuwait has female MPs and Cabinet Ministers.

  • Al Arabi magazine was first published in Kuwait in 1958.  The magazine went on to become the most popular magazine in the Arab world.  Kuwait is still known for its free press and fierce defence of freedom of speech.

  • The Kuwait Stock Exchange was established in 1983 (the first in the Gulf) and now has a market capitalisation of over $100bn

  • Kuwait has the oldest modern arts movement in the Arabian Peninsula and began awarding scholarships in the arts in 1936. The first Gulf country to do so.

Whether in politics, business or the arts, Kuwait has a story to tell, and a bright future ahead.  UK companies enjoy a long history of trading and partnering with Kuwaiti firms, relatively little competition and with the opportunity for long-term productive relationships, maybe it's time you looked at Kuwait again? it would be our pleasure to help you when you do.