The power of being there

As you can see from the picture above, we are well on the way to renovating our physical business centre here in Kuwait, in the shadow of the British Embassy.  It's taken a long hard slog to get to this point, but the work (so far!) is really taking shape and going pretty smoothly.  

By 1 December we will be offering UK companies 9  "hot desks" in the centre, connected to reliable and fast wifi, with meeting space, refreshments and support from our team all included in one easy to understand price.  UK companies can come for the day, stay for a month - or even a year.  Just like our first customers have decided to.

All of us at the KBBC are really excited and very proud that FB Heliservices a subsidiary of Cobham Aviation have put their faith in us and decided to base themselves in the business centre.  FB Heliservices are based in Qatar and have taken the plunge to spend a couple of days in Kuwait a week as they try and get a foothold here in the market.  

Taking a long term view in Kuwait is essential.  It's not a place where things happen quickly - but when they do, if you have positioned your company correctly, you stand to do very well indeed.  And that's where we hope our business centre can help.  If you keep coming back to Kuwait regularly and use our home as your home-from-home you are far more likely to build the relationships, contacts and understanding you need to succeed here.  Just like Jerry and Tony from FB Heliservices have understood.  We wish them all the best and look forward to having them with us from 1 December.  Two sugars for me Jerry!!